Second Thoughts

I’ll admit it. When I heard about the possible negative effects of gas stoves, my first thought was that you’ll have to pry my gas range out of my cold dead hands. After all, I love cooking on my gas range.

But then I calmed down (it took at least 20 seconds) and I began to reflect. If it’s really true that emissions from gas stoves are hazardous, perhaps that might explain the problems I’ve been having in recent years with my sinuses. I shouldn’t be so precipitous in rejecting the latest scientific studies.

Well, I’ll be seeing my otorhinolaryngologist in a couple weeks, so this is a question for him.

This post was inspired by Marsha Blackburn (R, TN) who apparently doesn’t engage in second thoughts. I won’t bother telling you what my first thought was when I saw her post:

Marsha Blackburn

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