I’ve never liked American football. I went to see a game my first term at Penn State and found it just plain boring. Left at half time.

I used to enjoy baseball, though I got tired of the the greediness of both the players and the owners during one of the strikes in the 90s, and I don’t think I’ve watched a full game since then.

Soccer, or European football, which has a greater claim to be called football, is ok. In high school we had a pretty good team and I enjoyed watching some of the games.

Similarly, my parents used to take us to see ice hockey games in Hershey from time to time, and those could be fun to watch, though I haven’t been to one in decades.

Anyway, as far as sports, that’s about it. So even though a local sports franchise apparently was playing in last night’s Super Bowl, I didn’t see any need to watch it. I understand that many folks tune into the game to see the commercials, but I hate commercials, so that gives me yet another reason not to watch.

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