Quick Change? No, It’s Magic!

Here’s another clip from Penn and Teller: Fool Us from Season 7 Episode 8.

When Léa Kyle began her performance, I thought, “Oh, she’s just doing a quick change act. They’ve been doing that stuff in the theater for years. Decades. Centuries. It’s just the wardrobe designer making tear-away costumes. No big deal.” 

I was kinda surprised to see such a quotidian act on Fool Us which usually has much higher standards.

Then she kept going and suddenly it was no longer a quick change act. It was, well, magical. Did she really just point to a costume that was hanging on a rack and have it leap onto her body?

And she had more surprises in store.

So she fooled me. Well, I’m easy to fool. But did she fool Penn and Teller? The camera cut away to show Penn and Teller intently watching her performance and perhaps you can get a clue from the expression on Penn’s face.

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