Teen Forum Dec 9, 1966

Here’s another Teen Forum from my high school years, and this one is very close to my heart as I’m in it! Just kidding.

The other kids are Maryann Shelhamer, David Heberling, Suzanne Berger, Delroy “Skeet” Seldomridge, Beverly Kiser, and Thomas Seubert.

I can’t say my answer looks particularly thoughtful 57 years later. Then again, I don’t think the question is all that serious. Was there really a movement to operate schools on a year-round trimester basis? Doesn’t sound like a very good idea. In any case, it never came to pass.

And I have absolutely zero recollection of this question or my answer. I don’t know how we were presented with the question or how we submitted our answers, not do I recollect how we were selected. So much for my vaunted memory of my high school years. Then again, these Teen Forums probably meant little to me at the time.

Once again I’m including the PDF, as it should be easier to read.

Dec 09 1966 Lebanon Daily News p teen forum

Dec-09-1966-Lebanon-Daily-News-p teen forum.pdf

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