It’s Gym Time

Helen gym

I just dropped my ballot in the mail for Philadelphia’s primary election for mayor. Given that the city is overwhelmingly Democratic, the winner of the primary election for the Democratic slot for mayor is a certainty to win the general election.

There are more candidates on the ballot than I can count on the fingers of one hand, so picking one became a headache.

Allan dombOne of them was an easy no. That’s Allan Domb. He’s been a real estate mogul for as long as I can remember and has had the condo market pretty much to himself. In fact, 20-some years ago his firm sold my condo for me. I met him briefly, and he seemed to be a nice guy, if one can form an impression of someone in a less than five minute meeting.

He’s been serving on the the City Council for the last few years and I have no problem with that, but I don’t especially want him as the mayor of this city. I think he’s too focused on business interests, and if truth be told, in my opinion, I think he’s a little bit shady. Nice guy but shady. Funny how those things often go together. In my opinion, of course.

I was worried about trying to pick among all the other candidates, as I saw articles with interviews of the individuals popping up here and there, and then about a week ago Billy Penn published an online quiz that helped me pick the right candidate for me.

It turned out the Helen Gym aligns with my preferences pretty well.

So I voted for Helen Gym.

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