An Ax Murder Addendum

It’s rather curious that neither of the mini-series about the Candy Montgomery case acknowledges the book Evidence of Love, even though each of them quotes copious amounts of dialog verbatim from it.

I realize that the murder of Betty Gore is a public news item and now a piece of history, and therefore not subject to copyright, but still, as far as I know, that book is the only source for most of the detailed inside information about it. So I am surprised that the both series were able to quote so freely from it.

I just finished reading the book (in truth I skimmed over large swatches of it) and there are many details that didn’t make it into either series. But what I found most interesting was the final chapter where the authors speculated a bit as to what really happened during that crucial hour in Betty Gore’s house. I think their theory as to what may have been going through both women’s minds makes a lot of sense and it does answer some of the lingering questions that I had about the case.

Of course, it’s still speculation and no one can really know for certain.


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