Compliment Where Compliment is Due

Amazon van

I don’t demand a lot from the Amazon delivery drivers. If they— 

  • Deliver the package
  • Alert me by knocking on the door
  • And don’t play their music so loudly that I can hear it in my house with my windows closed

—well, I’m pretty satisfied with their service, and I’ll tell Amazon as much by clicking on the “It Was Great” button on their web site and leaving a further compliment for the driver.

If, however, they deliver the package but don’t alert me by knocking on the door, I simply won’t tell Amazon anything about the delivery. It has happened on one or two occasions that if I wasn’t tracking the package closely enough, it was delivered without my knowledge and it was swiped off my porch before I noticed it. (Turning on Amazon alerts is not an option because then I’m flooded with their idiotic marketing messages. No, I’m not interested in your Mother’s Day specials.)

If they annoy me by blasting their music too loudly, regardless of how well they delivered the package and whether or not they knocked, I’ll click on the “Not So Great” button and tell Amazon that they were not professional.

It seems to be working, as the instances of Amazon drivers blasting their music at 100 dB seems to be way down lately, although I guess that could be a coincidence.

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