Sie Liebt Dich

Probably my favorite of The Beatles’ early songs is “Sie Liebt Dich”, uh, I mean “She Loves You”.

Well, actually, it’s one of two songs that the Fab Four re-recorded in German shortly after its release, the other being “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand”. Apparently it was fairly standard practice at the time to record special versions for foreign markets, according to Ian MacDonald in Revolution in the Head. But it

was never afterwards bothered with by The Beatles and consequently fell into disuse. The resulting promotion of the English language around the world is one of their most substantial, and least documented, achievements.

Who knew?

“She Loves You” was entirely remade in fourteen takes – thirteen for the backing track, one for the vocals. (The German rewrite didn’t go as far as insisting on ‘ja, ja, ja’.) 


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