I’m not sure why, but Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting absolutely fascinates me.

Perhaps it’s because it vaguely (very vaguely) reminds me of a diner that I used to frequent at the corner of 20th and Spruce back in the 80s. Can’t even recall the name of that place any more. Deluxe Diner maybe? No matter.

In any case a few months ago I decided to order a print of the painting, but I wanted to make sure that it was at least of a decent quality, as I’ve been disappointed in the past by prints that I ordered over the Internet. So I checked with someone whom I thought ought to know, and he pointed out that it was printed on canvas so it would have some texture to it, and that for the price, I’d probably be satisfied with it.

And he was correct.

Then the only decision was where to hang it. I finally decided to put it in what I call my den. That’s where I have my Mac and where I spend most of my time during the daytime.

So this morning I actually went about the process of hanging it by hammering two picture hooks into the wall. I wanted it to be level, of course, so I dug out the iPhone app that lets me see if something is level. The only problem being that while I was standing on the step stool, leaning over the computer desk, holding the tape measure in place with the phone above it, every time I then tried to mark the point with the pencil, the tape measure moved and I lost the level point. I really needed three hands.

But somehow I managed, and once I got it in place, I checked it with the level app, and sure enough it was level.

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