The Mystery of Room 207


Room 207

I can recall all my homeroom teachers from my time at Elco High School. Except one.

In eighth grade it was social studies teacher Mr. Graybill.

Ninth grade was Mr. Souders in Room 201. That was the year I got to know Gary Wells as he sat directly behind me. That was also the year that Elaine Sprecher and I had a lot of fun in homeroom.

Then in my sophomore year it was our geometry teacher Mr. Good in Room 214.

Senior year I was on the yearbook staff so Mr. Donley was my homeroom teacher.

But what about my junior year?

All I know is that my homeroom was 207. And I only know that because that’s what’s on my report card for that year.

That was the year of The Irregulars, so between those morning shows and the extra curricular activities in final period, I probably didn’t spend much time in the homeroom, but I must have spent some time there, and yet I have no recollection of who the teacher may have been. I’ve gone through the yearbook, and not one of the teachers rings a bell as being a possibility.

So who might have been the teacher who was in Room 207 that year? I think Room 207 must have close to the central stairwell, and as I recall Mrs. Messerschmidt and Mr. Eckert had rooms about there, but I’m certain it was neither of them as I’m sure I would remember them.

It remains one of the biggest mysteries of my high school years. And I fear that even if someone can tell me definitively who that teacher was, I probably still will not recall it. <sigh>

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