What Did Jesus Say…?

In an article about senior citizens choosing to self-medicate with marijuana I came across this passage:

Steve Hickerson, who lives in Laguna Woods, Calif., wants to sleep better.

He used cannabis sublingual drops but said they didn’t help, so he’s trying gummies, “which seem to work much better.” In the past, he felt using mind-altering drugs was morally wrong — “I’m a Christian,” he explained — but now, he said, “I’m 79, things are different.” He is willing to explore products that have a medical use.

What does being a Christian have to do with mind-altering drugs? What did Jesus ever have to say about the use of marijuana? And for that matter, what is “morally wrong” about using those drugs? And if it is “morally wrong”, is he now a hypocrite for using the stuff?

It’s just one more example of Christians not having any idea of what is actually in the Bible or what their faith actually entails.

To the best of my knowledge Jesus never said anything about the use of mind-altering drugs, but anyone who has actually read the Book of Revelation might be forgiven for thinking that it was written during a bad LSD trip.

I’m reminded of a former co-worker who was incensed a few years back when Philadelphia changed the name of the Christmas Village to the Holiday Village. He was so angry that, even though he didn’t live in the city (he was a Jerseyite), he sent a scathing email to the mayor to complain. Apparently he was one of many, and the next day the Christmas name was back in place.

As he told me on Facebook, he didn’t like it when something interfered with his faith.

I didn’t bother asking him the obvious question: what did the name of a group of commercial shops that were set up specifically to make money around the holiday have to do with his faith?

I realize that their religion brings solace and comfort to millions of people, but as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to religion (and not just the Christian religion) people are quite stupid.

Jesus perhaps

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