Two Questions

  There are two questions that I rather wish I had asked Reverend Rodgers during our confirmation classes. As I’ve written previously, I really liked Reverend Rodgers and I didn’t want to put him on the spot, and I had discovered that when I asked him some skeptical type questions he didn’t really answer them. … Continue reading Two Questions

Show Me

Re-watching the first season of Justified last night I came across this short scene: Chief Deputy Art Mullen asks where does the Bible justify the killing of innocent people. Like most Christians, he apparently hasn’t read very much of that not very good book, or he wouldn’t ask a stupid question like that because there are … Continue reading Show Me

Independence Day

I was wondering when folks started calling this day the Fourth of July rather than Independence Day, and it turns out it was always thus: When 18th-century state legislatures planned the first July 4 observances, they didn’t bother to give the day a proper name. Meanwhile, Mark Evanier has a good story about a song … Continue reading Independence Day

This Week in God

When will the world end? This week’s post from R.A. Absalom concerns the ending of the world according to the Bible. At various points the Bible claims “It will happen soon” or “It will be delayed” or “It already happened” or… Well, go check it out.   OR Pastor Sentenced To 13 Years On Child … Continue reading This Week in God


The world, we are told, was created by a God who is both good and omnipotent. Before He created the world He foresaw all the pain and misery that it would contain; He is therefore responsible for all of it. It is useless to argue that the pain in the world is due to sin. … Continue reading Jeff