Odds and Ends

Being a series of followups to previous blog posts, none of which is long enough to require a post of its own.

I reported back in December that a package had been stolen within five minutes of its being delivered. Well, almost exactly one month later that package showed up in my mailbox!

When I ran into my regular mail carrier a couple days after that, she remembered delivering that package—because she had found it in the building across the street! Apparently the substitute mail carrier had delivered it there (and remember I had asked her about it and she pointed to the place on the floor where she had allegedly placed it). And for a whole month nobody in that building lifted a finger to try to see that it got delivered to the right place! I guess I should just be grateful somebody there didn’t just swipe it.

And you may recall that I tried to get in touch with our senior year exchange student Nanna Due. I had left her a Facebook friend request, sent her a FB message, and snailmailed her a letter, none of which was answered. A few days ago the letter was finally returned to sender as being undeliverable.

So I searched through Nanna’s Facebook friends until I found one who had interacted with Nanna, seemed to understand English, and was still active on Facebook. I sent her a message explaining who I was and why I wanted to reach Nanna, and I asked her to forward my contact information to Nanna if she could, or put me in touch with someone else who could.


Still waiting on that one.

I sometimes check the logs that this site provides. They don’t give much information, but they do show the pages that people have clicked on and where they come from. So, for example, just to make something up, not that this has ever happened or anything, but if someone views a page of my blog on their phone and they happen to be in, say, the Virgin Islands, and if, say, a couple minutes later they send me an email commenting on that page, I might infer that they are currently vacationing in said semi-tropical paradise. But as I said, nothing remotely like that has ever happened.

But I do see some odd things in there from time to time. Like when there were a whole bunch of views of the Miss Esther Mae Zug of Lebanon PA page. It looked liked someone had found it via a search engine and then emailed to a lot of folks all over the country, because the clicks came from everywhere. I wish one of them had left a comment, because I’m curious as to what that was about.

And finally, you may recall that I specifically wrote the post Guy Goodman Was a Good Man so that there would be at least one article on the internet just describing what a good fellow Guy was. Alas, it seems the only post that people are clicking on is the followup article detailing his sad demise. But again, what I often see is a cluster of hits, as if someone is finding it and then sending it to a bunch of other people.

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