Teen Forum Jan 25, 1963

Here’s a Teen Forum from our first year at the newly built Elco school. In fact that’s the subject of the question: Now that the students have had four and a half months in the new facilities what do they appreciate about them?

Only one of the kids is from Richland, Eric Smith, whom I knew only slightly and remember only vaguely. He and several others mention an electronics course, which I don’t recall being available. 

One of the kids mentions three gyms. I only recall two. Were there really three?

And a dark room. We had a dark room? Where was that? I don’t remember a dark room. Sounds dangerous.

I’ve included a pdf which should be easier to read.

Jan 25 1963 Lebanon Daily News p 10 teen forumJan-25-1963-Lebanon-Daily-News-p-10 teen forum.pdf

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