A Touch of Class

Glenda jackson

When A Touch of Class was released in 1973, 60 Minutes did a profile of Glenda Jackson which served to heavily promote the movie. Since the film was about a divorcée and a married man having an affair, it came as no surprise that the following week 60 Minutes featured letters from irate viewers complaining about the promotion of adultery. 

I remember seeing the film when it came to a movie house near me and enjoyed it immensely, both because of the witty dialog and the performances of the two stars, Jackson and George Segal.

But I was a bit hesitant to watch it again after all these years because I remembered there was one scene that I thought would not age well, and it loomed large in my memory.

I needn’t have worried. After watching it yesterday, the movie still had me laughing out loud at several points and smiling through most of the rest of it. Yes, there is that one scene that didn’t age well, but it passes fairly quickly, thankfully.

Here’s a sample scene that shows off both Jackson and Segal’s comic talents. It’s hard to believe that the male role was initially offered to Cary Grant and then to Roger Moore, as I can’t picture either one of them doing anywhere near as good a job as Segal.



A touch of class

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