Removing Relics of “The Lost Cause”

Ty Seidule

From the Wikipedia entry for Ty Seidule:

James Tyrus Seidule (born 1962) is a retired United States Army brigadier general, the former head of the history department at the United States Military Academy, the first professor emeritus of history at West Point, and the inaugural Joshua Chamberlain Fellow at Hamilton College. Seidule is also the Presidential Advisor to The National WWII Museum in New Orleans and a fellow at New America. In February 2021, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin appointed Seidule as one of four representatives of the US Department of Defense to the Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorate the Confederate States of America or Any Person Who Served Voluntarily with the Confederate States of America, including US Army installations named for Confederate soldiers.

I mention this because Ty Seidule is the guest on the first segment of the On the Media podcast for August 4 entitled Making History.

His segment is called Removing Relics of “The Lost Cause”, and it’s well worth a listen as he’s a very engaging speaker, and not just because he’s a southerner who calls Robert E. Lee and the other confederate leaders traitors and is very insistent on not using old tropes to describe the conflict. For example, he balks at calling the United States soldiers the “Union” troops.

Here’s the description of the episode segment:

Across the country, nine army posts across the South have, or will, receive new names before the year is over — in an attempt to remove some of the most persistent commemorations of the Confederacy. This week, Brooke sits down with Ty Seidule, Vice Chair of the National Commission on Base Renaming and author of the book Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause, to talk about the commission’s work and his own relationship with “The Lost Cause.”

Robert e lee and me


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