You’re Gonna Wanna Read This One!

I’ve pretty much given up on predicting how my blog posts are going to be received because I’m so bad at it. Those that I think might be popular, in that they might get a comment or a like, usually don’t, and those that are often just throwaway posts, written in haste, often garner more interest than I’d ever expect.

Yesterday’s post, for example. I didn’t even promote it as much as I usually do and yet it got slightly more hits than average and even a like. 

Meanwhile, there’s an old post of mine, sitting around getting moldy. It never got many views on its initial appearance, and search engines haven’t seemed to locate it, and yet I think it’s a fun little anecdote.

It’s called Aaron Copland and the Swedish Prince, which I thought would be an intriguing title, certain to rein in the curious, but apparently not. It pretty much has just gathered dust ever since it was published. Despite the title, it’s not about Aaron Copland, though he does make a fleeting appearance, nor is it about a Swedish prince, though there is a reference to Swedish royalty.

So on this Labor Day, where Philadelphia is beginning what might be its longest heat wave of the season, I bring it to your attention once again in the hope that perhaps someone might enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about an incident that occurred [checking calculator] 48 years ago.

Happy Labor Day! 

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