Learn Something New Every Day

Harry oAlthough I intensely dislike iMDB, I find that I still find myself using it. Not the app, which is totally unusable, but with a suitable ad blocker the web site is at least tolerable.

Anyway, one of its many annoyances is all the misinformation that is to be found in its trivia and goofs sections, and I often find myself correcting something.

Such was the case recently when, after watching an episode of the 70s crime show Harry O that featured two deaf characters, I saw that someone had submitted a goof that went something like this:

The brother and sister deaf characters live in a remote location far from public transportation and can’t legally drive cars yet they travel to teach at a school for the deaf.

So I submitted a correction which went something along the lines of:

The characters are husband and wife, not brother and sister, and there is no indication in the episode that their home is remote from public transportation.

All the while wondering how the doofus who submitted that original goof could  have thought that those two characters who were shown intimately kissing might have been siblings.

BTW, I don’t bother checking to see if they accept my corrections. I used to do that but it would annoy me when I’d see they’d accept some and seemingly ignore others. They never gave a reason when they ignored a correction and it just seemed simpler to just not bother checking.

Anyway a nagging doubt began to creep into my head after a few minutes. What about the deaf characters not being able to drive? In truth I haven’t been around very many deaf people, blind folks, yes, but only one or two deaf people, so I don’t know too much about what they can and can’t do. Then I did what I should have done before sending my correction. I did a little research.

As it turns out, in the US of A deaf folks can legally drive.

So that original submission had struck out on all three counts. I should have submitted a deletion rather than a correction.

Learn something new every day.

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