The Birds

The Birds 00001

One of my favorite tech oriented podcasts is the Accidental Tech Podcast or ATP. It’s just three guys talking about tech-related topics or whatever comes into their minds that week.

The Birds 00002In their latest episode, they talk a bit about their recent vacations, and John Siracusa describes a series of incidents with some very aggressive birds.

It’s either hilarious or frightening, or maybe a bit of both.

Alfred Hitchcock fans please take note.

Here’s link that I’ve configured (I hope) to take you to about 1:12:40 into the episode where John starts talking about The Birds.

Episode 495: Five Points for Smell

You may want to stick around for their after show, which follows their awful theme music, as Marco Arment describes taking his ten year old son along to shop for a new car.

The Birds 00003

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