I’ve been listening to some of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown podcast; I skip the commercials and the sports talk, and if the news is especially bleak that day, I skip the whole thing because even with KO’s sense of humor, well…

Anyway he’s been concluding most episodes with a story about his favorite topic; that would be KO himself. Sometimes a juicy tidbit about how MSNBC treated Rachel Maddow before she became their star attraction, or sometimes, like today, about how he has been portrayed in the media.

In today’s episode #8 (8-10-22), starting around 26:45, he talks about Aaron Sorkin and the two TV shows that Sorkin based upon KO, and about meeting his doppelgängers, i.e, the actors who portrayed a version of KO on Sports Night and The Newsroom. Fun stuff.

BTW, KO has a reputation of being hard to deal with, but I think it’s mainly his bosses that he gives a hard time when they do something stupid, which most bosses are wont to do sometimes—or often, depending.

But about ten years ago, I saw an exchange he did on Twitter— 

And just for the record, I pretty much stopped using Twitter when the superidiot pretended to start the process of buying Twitter, but I digress.

—an exchange on Twitter where KO mentioned that he has his paychecks made out to the Olbermann Broadcasting Empire.

I tweeted straight to KO:


Not sure what I expected but what he immediately tweeted back to me was:


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