Thirteen Lives

Thirteen Lives 1

This week’s episode of Scriptnotes, Finding a Way In, and Out, features William Nicholson talking about his script for the movie Thirteen Lives, a film that follows the attempted rescue of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave in 2018. 

It’s well worth a listen as he talks about turning a real life event into a movie, creating composite characters to stand in for real people, egotistical directors (who can be just as stupid as narcissistic billionaires), and much more.

And then go watch that movie, if you haven’t already.


Thirteen Lives 2


And just a reminder that that notorious narcissist Elon Musk tried to get publicity for himself by offering a preposterous solution to rescue those children back in 2018. He took the rejection of his stunt with his usual bad grace. It was the moment, I think, when I realized that he wasn’t just an idiot but a complete waste of space as a human being.

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