Boob Garden

Well, I have my answer to that mysterious sculpture that popped up the other week.

It’s a Boob Garden.

Boob garden

Or so says artist Rose Luardo who put it there:

“I’m just a zany human being. I would say that my work on this planet is configuring funny things like this Boob Garden,” she said. “It has that feel of stumbling onto something incredibly zany you didn’t know could exist, and you can’t take your eyes off it.”

What’s just as surprising is that Luardo’s work has remained relatively untouched by passersby and the city for more than a week at the triangular cement lot between Washington, Passyunk Avenue, and Eighth Street that was once home to Capt. Jesse G’s Crab Shack

“I thought it’d be taken, demolished, or in pieces in a few days,” she said. “But nobody has even moved them around, people haven’t taken them out of the order.”

Luardo, 50, a performance and soft sculpture artist whose preferred medium is “junk and trash,” sewed the dozens of breasts that cover the four wooden chairs and tiny table herself. She originally created the work for a May show she did with other artists at Space 1026 in North Philly.

The furniture came from her late father’s home in Wynnewood and she had the breast plushies — which she made in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes — from a show she did prior to the pandemic.

“These boobs have been in my life and I wondered ‘What’s the next level, what’s the next thing?’” she said. “I thought ‘They’re nurturing, boobs are soft, they want to embrace you, let’s put them on some furniture!”’

Rose Luardo

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