This Week in Podcasts

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Taking something of a break from her normal coverage of crime, Phoebe Judge’s Criminal podcast investigates how a group of Black men from Pittsburgh became the first “Paramedics”. Or maybe it’s not such a change of pace, as it seems a crime when a white woman who is dying from a heart attack refuses to let a Black man touch her. A fascinating story.

And then tune in to On the Media as it takes a look at “CNN’s No Good, Very Bad Year”, featuring interviews with Brian Stelter and Jay Rosen. As a bonus, there’s an interview with Paul Fairie who speaks “about the big media narratives that still animate online debates and press coverage, and how little has changed in our political discourse from decade to decade.” Everyone should hear this as it goes back over a century, and nothing has changed. “Journalists” are still taking their marching orders from big business.


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